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Born in Los Angeles, CA, Soto grew up in New York City and in a small traditional village in the South of Spain, across the waters from Morocco. Her Caribbean heritage and continuous movements between continents and islands have informed her themes, providing her a unique, global perspective.

Artist Statement

My drawings, installations and sculptures embody the struggle between connections and disconnections. Supporting the belief that all things, seen and unseen are essentially linked. There is a conversation that includes a personal and a universal situation, an interplay between the micro and the macro. Questioning our endless conflicts, our creation of artificial differences, and our establishment of borders. While exploring the essence of the forces at work in the macrocosm. Shaping what those energies, frequencies, and vibrations might look like.

I base my aesthetic on a tension poised between fragility and strength. Transforming industrial materials such as wire, bullet shells, Mylar, hardware, wire mesh and mirrors into ephemeral and delicate grid and web like systems. Providing an experiential quality to the installations through the incorporation of sound and motion. References are derived from cartographic lines, to the network of the cosmos to the neurons and synapses of the brain. Forms suggesting swarms, nests, webs, and geometrical shapes are used to explore our shifting, transgressing and fluctuating behaviors. Relating to systems of communication and universal principles in order to question society’s conflicts and violence, while highlighting its harmonious network.

In the end the work strives to convey an experience of the energy transmitted by our global and intimate relationships.

- Lisa C Soto